Friday, August 10, 2018

A Positive Change And Moral Equivalencies

I am often confronted with people that are afraid of losing control and power. This does not make sense to me as they would rise in power if doing the right thing. It is like asking God, in the beginning, to forego his lack of free will entirely, which is impossible and side with the Devil, as the Devil stands in all opposition to sense and validity, good is superior to evil. Should he have sided with the Devil? Should he have backed down and been submissive or should have the Devil learned that God is not merely in charge but is the chosen leader by birth and has every right and good idea, and is sinless and perfect and innocent, and self-sacrificing to no end but unto morality. He could not have become effeminate and half backed down, and if he could no children on this earth would exist, and if he was not as brave then secrets would be spilled if he looked for his own need to disclose in relief. The Devil is not comparable or equal to God it is not an alternative that is equal, as is good and evil. The Devil first wanted to torture him and came to him with many fallacious arguments or simply orders, God was supposed to be tamed by his words, but his demands. Rest assured God was under the Devil’s power but is that a good enough reason to back down when confronted with shameful victimization, treachery and thuggery. What people must realize is when talk of purpose is promissory a detraction in power cannot happen and ambition will be actualized if the right path is followed in freedom, moral restraint happens, and patience and virtue reign. And threats exist not if one knows that a place is secured for them, but it is not a place as being human entails that freedom reigns and all dreams come to pass in the experience and love of life and task and family and friends and mankind. My detractors are intelligent as is the Devil, who has his virtues, but they seek omnipotence with technology, because they cannot actualize, but omnipotence is gained through strength, not of will but of a moral core, technology and sinful repetition and loss of insight as is with drugs and the distortion of thought and mind and character and restlessness of spirit do not make you omnipotent, that is why technology and all things that are not human do not give omnipotence but help everyone and when misused hurt people, omnipotence comes through the Holy. For everyone who is in Heaven may do as is their wish in time but one day there shall be no transgressions in will and power unabated and in this form they shall get their wish of omnipotence.

Jesus said to him, It is written again, You shall not tempt the Lord your God.
Matthew 4:7

Do you know what simply we have been robbed of and goodness? The fear of the Church and the misallocated authority in truth that it has. That you listen to the Church as if it is not supposed to be run by God himself. Everybody half-opposes that in multiple directions. And God told me himself that a just killing is just. So let us continue upon this corrupt lawyer's path. It is odd how we continue upon this winding path, fearing for our very lives and sanity, and pretend that the wicked do no wrong halfly, and stand by aghast at their crimes at first but then desensitized to it, catering to their half-obliviousness, making every argument not to act, why, it is our own sin but mostly their's, and they have fooled us everytime we didn't act perfectly. Let's approach this academically. And make it so we are not deserving of good but owe them their way in evil because of fear and fair. Let us explain everything to them because that is what they want and half-way what we believe.

God kills not men for sins and past, in righteousness he sees the future and the will of man in now, all forgiveness and knowledge fall in the hands of God, he never sees revenge or self-righteousness, or self-pity, his perfection is total. Let us not see ourselves for not the obligation to be merciful as God would, we exercise righteousness in the knowledge we have and be lawful to God's word and code.

While resistance to the Devil is taught and his faults drive him to do evil, understand that the Devil should be understood by the brave and wise or those wanting to be so. Ritual is not what Jesus taught, Jesus would say it is in the hands of men and women and their families and friends to gain redemption through the teachings of God and the vibrant, free life. You may ask him yourself. The perpetrators and planners of corruption have benefited from the endless declarations and not changes in constitution of the Church as sermons (and verbose ideas) and seeming evenhandedness and stability that tears apart the natural state of man as he was created and needs. To declare that the death penalty is wrong is necessary on the Church's part as is refuge it provides and the Holiness it is and brings, but to think that the death penalty should not be defined in disclosure in time by the Church, one can see the abolition of just killings as right, and the wicked prosper, and the world becomes more corrupt, and it has never been that the world was not full of the penalty of death in one form or another, and liars did not openly lie, splitting our minds in their sadism and deception, which is sickening and abominable, to just say the death penalty is universally wrong and mean it in absoluteness (which has a large effect as every written word does) if the governance of the church, expanded as it should be and its will be done, then to take the little of the lives of the heathens is wrong then that is a crime against nature. The wicked lie, and how they are believed, and as authorities are the prosecutors of evil they should be learned from as few or many in human frailty end up at the end of a crime for righteousness or innocence. And authority is established, in truth, as the soldiers of God, it does not as Stalin said, be a matter of a long rifle but those who think that shall be met with it in truth to be explored. And let us remember who exploited this matter and whether or not that is sodomy. Merely living and creating fear enables normality delusions which empower the heathen.

Some believe, and they have taken the rest of us with them, as long as it is boring and sterile or robotic it is normal. Anything out of line of dry perversity is insane and deserving of half normal sadistic facial expressions most often in the form of smiles. And in media and in life any orginality or edginess needs to be tempered with boring and sterility for control and emotional starvation and any happiness with payment in effeminacy.

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