Friday, August 3, 2018

Algorithm of Creativity and Execution

1. Read a document of observe circumstances and the proper relevant situation must be analyzed and quietly reflected upon, keep in mind eventual perfectionism (Aspire to keep running log of inspiration and steps throughout process)
2. Analyze the repackaging of relevant insights of others
3. Analyze taming of free of situation that you both grasp and that which you have in intuition and non-concrete awareness
4. Think of the topics in right, diligent and hopeful terms and relate it to self in compassion yet necessary firmness
5. See evil’s way and interact with it carefully
6. Confront not in direct but present evil be of natural passions, heavy, but virtue first, trust thy self
7. Discard gently the evil at play while knowing the truth, and wisdom view to develop but know that now analysis, math, poetry and art begin
8. Now write and calculate or later calculate
9. Utilize new newton’s method for efficiency, plan formularization and new ideas
10. Bring lists and use new newton’s method and draw inspiration from the Holy
11. Deploy in each step, all dimensions and ways of new newton’s method both chart-wise and algorithm.
12. Read and demand education and better applications (technological) from source of existing apps in use
13. Make art and science
14. Create and make known mission, costs, and intentions
15. Deploy virtue
16. Formularize plan with automation and technology and document in reality and classify
17. Send and receive memos and communication
18. Receive feedback
19. Issue orders
20. Issue counter orders if exist

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