Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Corruption, Fear and Homosexuality

Criminals and corrupt people by the conventional definition are avoidant and it is not strictly through life experiences and conformity, they are brainwashed through technology to be programmed to avoid ways of thinking and believing, that is why the non-psychopaths and the psychopaths have a paranoid stance which does not really make sense to them or anyone else, expressed in situations and made worse by a ban of discussion on it, both because of trauma in the past on the subject of paranoia and a general consensus that it should not be discussed for business reasons.
While homosexuality is considered a sin, it is also something that has been strived for to legitimize, people know who their wives are and both sides suffer, for lust, but lust does not stay behind closed doors, nor do peoples pain as they die of cancer or AIDs or a rock thrown. The moral and practical and lacking creativity and histronia of a non-love centered relationship that is homosexual may be portrayed for all its virtues and they are needed and ill teach us many things but, torture is always needed to grow, but everyone knows that it can no longer go on forever, and the fixation of the homosexual community and us being perversion haters, societal control through torture and the infliction of evil, is on the side of the sinners and it will pass, as o longer will we have to step back and see our children be abused and brainwashed by people with a strong interest and a redefined code of ethics and morality, governed and enforced by fear with the face of properness and righteousness. As they are not righteous, which is important, but they have seized righteousness, and made it redefined in their own, to expand their own bureaucracy and power. They oppress and use on mass as a tool of fear and do not care whether others meet and be with the person they are destined to be with and that is abominable and in no way justifiable except in the laws of hard power, numbers and lies accepted. And a man must endure abuse and torture at their hands for speaking the truth and that is wrong and they believe that nothing is wrong and it should go on forever and in this and a few other decisions, and lies, they make programming their own and become thugs and want to rule all in insanity, so fear them but numbers of wrong cannot make write because of narcissism, perversion, lust and greed. And religious talk is refiled and those that make it molested through false hiring and thuggery, it is addressed with a offhanded flippant condescension, and they will simply do that to you, none should follow them, or think of them humane or as non-sexual torturers and fearless for their good has exited them in God, and ejaculation and endless allowed sex and perversion before God’s eyes and ejaculation their only concern but their ambitions to refine morality, and it is real and wrong, and frequently violent towards dissenters and enforced with creative sexual assault, sexual torture and molestation and fear of rape and stalking, and all the hard ones in the underworld appease them, even though they toxify everything and all you here at the end is a self-righteous black eyed chant of homophobe, because they have done nothing wrong. Do not even Jesus and the Son of Man dare stand up to homosexuals as they are right by insane logic and thuggery and harmlessness and torture of anyone who stands in their path, and that is real while in most our minds the homosexuals cannot be stood up to, for abuse, mockery and manipulation wait, however in print or concreteness, that they have taken away from us in our good writing and media, they say and abuse and stalk, with no value to you, because we, mistaken, you thought it. You do not get relief until I do, a face you shall never see but know, in schizophrenia. Save them from AIDs but do not dissent, it is in fact a hard path. Some stop the thoughts of children, it is no mystery why for their is one but many reasons. And rebuttals do not work in the face of their violence. Heaven is in fact not overrated. But if it matters not, who cares. Remember he has points for little reason, or none because a nothing essentially and a homophobe. Why should he be happy? For all of those that believe I went too far, I am not going to let up on this, you know what has happened when people are in duress and what kind of people do the worst things, and we know where the world is headed. Someone took my immediate response to what do you think about the situation with gay people and I said we should mourn our gay brothers and sisters. And I am not crazy I do not think that homosexual sex makes you an evil person, but something about thinking in manipulative ways all our life and doing it without realizing applies here and the manipulators that are closer to normal have the scariest ways of going about things because there conscience and moral reasoning is more normal.

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