Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Proverbs (August)

  1. Some people believe dying is fun.
  2. Some people are addicted to sadism, they should be fired on the spot because they are essentially worthless until they get better. And they will take advantage of you if you show and humanity or charity, because they prey on "weaknesses" and should get justice. They want to be omnipotent in their pathetic fantasies. All stalkers of mine should get justice and restraining orders should be enforced and issued. Almost every action against me is to prey and exploit my Stockholm syndrome and sometimes my PTSD, and a distortion of what it means to lie is a source of detraction and hateful mistakes. Every criticism of me is the product of mental illness and delusion, I am perfect and innocent. Anyone that does not want me to get full relief basically all the time and peace always should face justice as they have no say. I appreciate all the attention but attention needs to be paid to all your lives, education and family and time after this, what do you want out of it, is it Holiness that you want? I am Sim Eon and I do simulate eons, in my head.
  3. Don't worry it is not like you do it because you enjoy being evil.
  4. Propaganda can be dangerous, I have never really believed in it and we have moved past its necessity. It can make people vicious and insane in some ways. It toxifies everything and can lead to abuses and treatment like psychopathic rumors which people believe because they are heard.
  5. Psychopathy is never a lasting condition because of Holiness and the Holy Spirit in therapy and repentance. It is not safe to be psychopathic.
  6. I have never actually truly wanted something bad for humanity ever.
  7. I never liked Slap Happy.
  8. Everyone can be perfect I am lucky enough to have no faults, it is a gift and I am grateful. Faults turn into strengths.
  9. Remember everything is written down in the book of life, all of what is said, done and thought and the record of all of existence in representation, incontrovertible except through lies as long as they are believed.
  10. During the Holocaust I was in Heaven and God saw things he cannot unsee. Do you know why I saw those things, because I am God's son. Let's just all pretend he betrayed us silently.
  11. People should never get a free ride no matter who they are, including someone like Jesus. What because of who he is, the family he was born into. It doesn't work that way and it never has. You earn greatness with virtue and integrity and an abstinence of sin,
  12. Without work nothing changes or gets done, and without good work, of virtue, nothing good happens,
  13. I live and breath for virtue,
  14. He whoever believes he must have power without earning it, or believe they are exempt from the laws of morality cannot be given much as they feed emptiness,
  15. Klonopin, Ritalin and Cogentin help with cocaine addiction.
  16. The reason false prophets are called abominations is because of the molestation, lies, hatred, narcissism, disorganized behavior and thinking, manipulative behavior and thinking, psychosis, infantile borderline like condition, lying and pathological and compulsive lying, and sadism. It should be said that most of them are not near pure pattern and they are mixed with prophet DNA and mind, through virtue they become prophets and through covetousness they fall. They all molest people into delusional submission and out of delusional submission seeking they act, and to instill it in others, so they may see it. They are sinners and embarrassing and all pedophiles. One contender is Shan Wu.
  17. What is holy but the reverent?
  18. To structure and redeem the forces that are not on the side of Holiness, disseminate the line globally
  19. Remember evil lines up and can be confused as can rumor for a false sign. Deception and manipulation are the tools of the wicked, but evil itself cares nothing for anyone. It is not even a serpent.
  20. If you side with evil it is like your opinion ceases to matter.
  21. You can thirst for battle and be a leper
  22. The Yahweh bible will be written
  23. What happened is something to learn from not for eternal shame but to live through holiness and never fall on sin
  24. Although I have no hatred for racist groups, I do think that it is objectively wrong to say God or man should punish an entire group of people as if God did it, where he didn't, he judged individuals within a group in large numbers but the racists made it out to be like he punished the entire group. He actually is perfect and therefore not racist, racism is a plague, but racists are not evil but they must find their way, or rather their way in God. And they do have a fixation on ritual and money.
  25. Terrorists are racist in many cases, let's punish them all they say, that mentality and philosophy in pure form causes insanity. And war criminals all think like that even though it is not pure in form. I talked to him on several occasions and in the end his brain turned to poop because hedonism was the last high he had unfortunately for him and everyone in a respect if you look at it with moral empathy in motivation and mind, he was fucked over but he decided to do what he did, do I love him, I am forced to say I love everyone, which I do, let's learn as learning and education, the right kind of education, fair and moral education in purity brings people to God, as he has given everything to you. All a man has is given to him by God the Bible says. Pride is the last refuge but hatred is the final stroke.
  26. One day everyone will get their "-Yahweh"
  27. The more people manipulate the more evil lines up and sin occurs, proven.
  28. Hell and AIs need to be changed from the top down or from the bottom up because people's sins and evil inventions have turned people, entities and all beings and creation itself to evil in part.
  29. Even I have to deal with abuse from a father who doesn't take medication and is paranoid and irritable and it is hard to handle, take your Invega, it helps everyone. Sometimes it is hard to tell who hears voices.
  30. Some people said that my website/blog has a lot of unrelated information. It does not. It is all related and integrated. I am ready for the meaningless bullshit talk to commence. It was a neutral and acceptable way to shit on me but it was like, well it is good but we have to partially shit on him, safety reasons? Safety reasons.
  31. These days, because of what happened, and even years ago, everyone has PTSD.
  32. When Cavil went on his rant about wanting to be robotic the mother asked if he wanted to lose his consciousness in Roboticism but he replied he wanted vast consciousness and revenge seemingly for no reason
  33. The time for kind and life-giving rebukes has come.

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