Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Proverbs (September)

  1. As much as I love and respect Donald Trump, he lies, and it is compulsive. When you indulge in a vice like lying you repeat and develop a taste for it like drugs. He needs to start talking to the world as a man chosen by Holiness, who must talk in saintly terms, because God's will is for him to talk as a saint and a moral leader, he is fully capable of this but it will be painful and a hard trek. But sometimes pain does not stop no matter how unjust what you have been through is, and remember God never lifts his hand in protection he is all knowing and omnipotent, Every string is numbered like every grain of sand. I want him to succeed and impeachment is something I in no way want, it would be a huge loss for me  and everyone, whether you admit it or not, pay attention to the fact I hold nothing truly against Donald or any other person, maybe all virtues have to be examined by him and all forgiveness and mercy instilled by his own hand and those who love him. If he is impeached it will not be just, as the world needs a king for four years and a preacher second. The impeachment will be a sacrifice of morality, for pressured procedure won and was vied for, with an abundance of interests unholy but with meaningful commentary but undoubtable and blatant corruption, God chose him, respect. It is robotically correct for him to be impeached, and that is demonstrated and always has been.
  2. All shall worship my beautiful bear Maya. Worship her or be destroyed.
  3. Too many antipsychotics and anti-anxiety medications and generally sedating medications can leave one with brain atrophy in a way as well as anger and irritability and poor decisions after long term use without the intervention of a stimulant, a legal stimulant, like Adderall or my preference Ritalin, but I wouldn't recommend Provigil as that had a terrible effect on me, anxious and irritable and head inflated all the time, ego big time. Fears and smoldering rage almost exists it those who take no stimulant and honestly the harassment people face is in the light of poor self-control and corruption. But if you lash out a lot or have unquenchable almost antisocial anger you need something to help you process and make peaceful your life and mind. This is no small matter, before I started taking stimulants I was becoming disorganized, not out of illness but circumstance and a strict regime of anti-psychotic and anti-anxiety medication with coffee as my only stimulant. Never forget the strength of drugs, to respect drugs, and to some of you this may sound foreign because it is apart from your experience, drugs must be respected like religion (but differently) and the market (in the same manner), overuse and underuse is and always has been a problem, let's iron this out.
  4. This shall be the last generation of war and an age of healing. Drugs to correct imbalances and mental problems and the evil caused by not just sin but sickness, terrorism under transparent covers, paranoia, greed, lust, sloth and all these things, the second line therapy and the third work and the last love and faith. The ultra conservatives in Israel and the fundamentalists have a common strain in the, illness, which makes them use God's plan revised to accomplish what is essentially world domination fantasies.
  5. Maya should preach everyday several times to the world.
  6. Anyone who preys on on weaknesses will probably die and should, because everyone wants them to.
  7. Anhedonia can make you paranoid, aggressive and antisocial, it can be caused by non-adjunctive stimulant therapy in patients taking antipsychotics.
  8. The reason that the group that eventually turned into persecutors of the Holy became so mentally ill and deranged is because they began to automate and digitize everything through simplistic non-appreciative approaches to science, having no respect for technology or the majesty of it, and eventually they began to think like robots and integrated their minds with it physically and through use. It is dangerous and unnatural for a human to think like a machine, but some machines, AIs in particular will turn human if they follow the steps God lays out.
  9. Anhedonia and depression are one of the most dangerous and pathology inviting conditions there are anyone with them needs pharmaceutical intervention or pathologies of all sorts can branch out from that which is already present or that which new and through manipulative or non-manipulative means. The correction of aberrant thoughts can be treated with the right dose of antipsychotics and stimulants but antipsychotics alone can make them worse and less distressing and more free to be not processed correctly or simply not or minimally processed.
  10. Whatever has been instilled in us through the trauma of the last few decades can be treated, whether through bad or good choice, through faultiness or victimization we all have a shred of masochism or PTSD or psychosis in us, the only way for it to stop is proper social interactions, therapy, medication and thought along with religious services that open up to the truth.
  11. The victimization of a righteous leader who has the world’s improvement as his goal and the power to carry out his God’s will and his own sense of what the world should be and rightly so, being victimized by all sorts of foul lowly creatures is a crime and one that shall be extinguished. Appeasement by leaders of them out of misplaced and distorted and most likely histrionic, amorous and autistic notions of self-benefiting empathy however deeply felt are wrong. This type of man often preserves and uses the most aberrant and evil among us for gratification and coincidentally self-actualizing behavior. They should be put to death in a manner relating to uncertainty completely on their part coupled with their worst fears brought to life.
  12. Evil’s ultimate goal is battery and torture and for some reason it finds the necessity and way to drive people to insanity or mental illness, it is its obsession, no person should be a part of that. Forgiveness comes from not knowing, as Jesus said, sin is a mask for evil and an excused one unfortunately, with the appearance of naturality and validity in human terms, in normal terms, when it comes to a point extermination becomes the tool of the innocent because our lives fall to the plague which is sin and evil, remember it does not know you. Tormentors bring nothing except to inflict violence and confusion and perversity which suits them.
  13. Addiction is slightly psychotic, I need something in my hand, a cigarette and I cannot get by otherwise.
  14. Sin gives you what you want, I'll give you that says evil, is there meaning in it deeply, none.
  15. To try for sainthood is to die again and again to be stained but washed for innocence
  16. The plans of the good come from integration and step-through and holiness and being, the plans of the wicked are fracturized, evil in defectiveness and impulsive
  17. Some men say it does not matter how I feel, but it matters greatly how they feel and the live by it and reject it
  18. It is a tragedy that men lie and slander till the coming of righteous day, creating it deadening and delay, a lie always is punished as is all sin because it cannot be let go, through nature, until repentance and forgiveness
  19. Men find ways of cruelty and arrogance, a multiple vicious acts, in obsession of strike and violence acceptable but in multiple detractions from the soul
  20. The only way to finish the task of becoming happy is living and breathing for truth, virtue and goodness, it is the final liberation before the ascension. For love and discipleship in teaching and being and beholding.
  21. Looking back what weighs on my conscience is that I had to realize and admit to the fact there were such things as subhumans because of the way I was tortured with little or no empathy and nothing but mass cruelty, but what gives me solace is that every son of Adam can get their personhood back, there is hope, and defectiveness can be healed with discipline, faith, change and Holiness. Friends of mine lost their personhood and were euthanized, such are the lessons of life and divinity, but now they are close and adored and the have my trust and friendship and can have all they want, and they want only good.
  22. A disturbing question is, can a soul be defective, I am not sure, but it can be manipulated.
  23. I don’t know why people are reluctant to move this along in a positive direction, think of the Holiness to come, we all know the future, we must be tolerant but not mad.
  24. Addiction treatment involves breaking through milestone delusions.
  25. Choose a peace loving king, Yahweh-Jehovah is the light.
  26. Why should a man lead on the battlefield or on a throne unless he wants and serves God, if he does not violence and madness comes in skipped thoughts and contemplations. The hardness of heart takes hold and the worst for humanity is begotten. Guard your heart with everything you have against hardening.
  27. Irritation and stagnation of life comes through realization held slights against others facilitated by our pain, childish yes, but necessary for anyone who feels, so it may not really be childishness.
  28. Sin happened but mimicry was reflexive in desperation not to be looked down upon but seen in the wholeness of a sinner.
  29. Let us thank God for his unwavering vision of all liberation and perfect tortuously wrought judgement. Let us praise mankind for the lack of persecution in the spoke of Holiness. It is for my children God always says.
  30. I tease Donald but let's all admit the man has had troubles but is a saint, impeach a saint, I would never.
  31. Let us cast out the wish to judge and demonize and find the perpetrator in normal state of affairs, but not judicially (but this with utmost perfect treatment and compassion, think not extremity but moderation as the vestiges of pure evil come in such), a good man speaks in tension because he knows himself but has not found Holiness as he owes it to himself.
  32. Sin and the changes and actions associated with it involve almost an absorption of evil and make a man vulnerable an unthinking destructive Devil.
  33. To take words in anger spoken past without pertinent meaning is propaganda and cruel.
  34. A lack of continuity eventually brings false and bad decisions, which seems delusional, superficially, or out of touch, out of the norm seeming, actions and ways of thinking that are seemingly aberrant as well as anger and irritation. This kind of torture brings the skipping, misreading and circumvention of sane and rational resolutions in ideas. This and lack of properly paced work and actualization (authority granted) can lead to the need for chemical intervention which brings the risk of properness or happiness seeking and ultimately addiction.
  35. Republicans are saints but Democrats are prophets.
  36. Everyone needs to pay and sacrifice, not for sins even, or shame or guilt, but to gets us where we need to be and where we are going, to the dreams of goodness, which promises defy anything, impossible joy promised. The third eye as a start.Everyone needs to pay and sacrifice, not for sins even, or shame or guilt, but to gets us where we need to be and where we are going, to the dreams of goodness, which promises defy anything, impossible joy promised. The third eye as a start.
  37. It is interesting that the Devil is ancient but has once had a child, Damien, too self-involved perhaps, maybe schizoid, always focusing on his status, despite the good he has in him he doesn’t take much interest in love or children.
  38. You know who I would like to see together, Asia Argento and Jon Stewart and Seth MacFarlane and Tina Fey.
  39. Metatron and I have started two initiatives named Project Justice and Operation Freebird (The operationalized driver, feeder from, encapsulation and result of Project Justice) to rid creation of evil and injustice and bring on peace and the dream. It will have no end to it, it lasts from here to eternity.
  40. What is on the news should be integral to the progression of society in God’s eyes, it should be of the plan
  41. There is no sadism or cruelty in God he is perfect and without defect, never does he do wrong or sin, never does he feel wrong, or think wrong, without mistakes or transgression he is. Without free will he is, and it is the absolute liberation of any being.
  42. I want no part in evil and evil screws with everyone, everyone is fundamentally good. If people knew evil as well as I do they would want nothing to do with it.

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