Monday, August 6, 2018

Psychological States in Pathology (Irritability, Paranoia, Adaptation)

The lack of vulnerability and softness in sociopaths and psychopaths causes them to understand things within clearly defined parameters which are centralized in nature and causes stereotype idealizing behavior and roboticism idealization and behavior and violence as catharsis. It makes them act the same and have not that much depth outside of immediate relationships and flamboyant arrogance that is strategically subconsciously insane to feed sadism and fear invoking as this is calming and grandiose. Paranoia due to irritability goes along with this and a schizoid and paranoid stance among them in the trade off for constant support in fear invoking and calming (anesthetizing). An irritable slightly disorganized and hypomanic state causes productivity but a general right minded and generally proscribed theme or norm of functioning causes for better adaptation and less pathology.

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