Monday, August 6, 2018

The Beggar's Walk

The ease of forgiveness of the victim to the abuser, the beauty of the simplicity of the small acts of virtue of a fallen soul, the start of an ascension back to virtue after much grief and heartache and many regrets, the path narrow and winding and unknown of a sorceress that has her heart impure but comes back to day, the unknowingness of mankind in the day to day thoughts and the mystery of what is pure thought and what is mechanical, and what bridges both in order to create that which is of a good mind. The love we feel for each other and the hope it brings. The hatred that comes with death in mind and non-shaking fear in one’s enemy, The hollowness of wrath for endless marching soldiers, of one mind but in death and depression, all the same ashamed in their guilt and wanting of the femininity of love but bound by the sternness of revenge, and the allegiance to ringing hollow mercilessness and revenge, as the quietly side beside and are detached and see let no one see their tears if they can cry them anymore and think simplicities because the capacity for depth comes and goes but does not carry them for the whole world seems aligned for destruction, convincing themselves they are both stupid and not. But he often says to the Holy wait until you are out of your trance and then we will get at your weaknesses. Let us parrot some more so we may have others deeds to focus off of forgiveness and towards wrath. And even if we disagree can we not understand each other and essentially forgive differences, and look towards a day when there is love enough not to need to condemn and understand the fullness of opinion and what makes it is proper judgement and virtue and sin alike. The one who reign's forever shall have absolute power.

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