Monday, August 6, 2018

The Dual Nature of Time Essence and Forgiveness and Fortitude

b = An abundance of wrath and haste with opposition to holiness or mere dismissal*Inability to change in integrated contiguous manner for fear of shame, love or virtue*Sin or malady examination avoidance*Formative theory likened to eliteness and stereotypes
a = The process of Godly guidance with meditation on God and will of essence devout in freedom*The value of opinions and support*A restraint in marriage and fraternity but an improvement in both avoiding circuitousness and projection*Unjustified paranoia of labels invoking feelings of inferiority vs. perfection in intelligence-based exposing of purpose and talent otherwise roboticism and development of lack of empathy and autistic outlook
f(x) = Dual molded and joined uniqueness standards to flamboyance, elaborance, risk-taking, false virtue, true virtue*Self-defeating wrath typification*Concrete conversion of resources to tangible*The hardening of heart and opinion*The acceptance or rejection of violence, cruelty and subjugation in Holy tolerance
Equals: The Dual Nature of Time Essence and Forgiveness and Fortitude

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