Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Duality and Roboticism

The downfall of criminality in the end for a criminal or an organization is much like that for some legal entities. The unwillingness to adapt properly, partially rooted in the inability to change and the parameters of pride, wrath and stubbornness as well greed, although criminals are often willing past a certain point to sacrifice business past a certain point but infuriated by its beginnings in false prophet like self-righteousness and self-pity. Pride in the unwillingness to back down in light of hurt feelings and elitism and pettiness, redirecting grudges, from one outlet and place to another exposing in the absolute unwillingness to call of an offensive or listen once, and passive aggression in the literal sense, and this is tied to wrath as revenge and insecurity, and mercilessness even to the point of self-harm or self-destruction, which is dangerous in masochistic criminals and criminal organization as the often already possess borderline tendencies if not features frequently. The driving of people insane and swarm in the criminal world also plays a role blocking and inability to be creative, self-controlled and actualize the very same things they deprive others. While all criminals shall eventually be redeemed they must realize that Holiness, is above all they aspire to and some like false prophets place themselves above this in a quasi-incestuous way of functioning and thinking. The ability to think innocently and learn in this, utilizing and feeling forgiveness, causes developed intellect and purity whereas the manipulative guilty mind produces pathologies and roboticism, and instill the torment of their own existence in others, projecting on them the need to think in roboticism-like ways causing pathology in conformity of members and victims, anxiety and fears, and the amplification of every sin and emotional battery and torture as well as every form of psychological torture including sexual and verbal. When a person is terrorized or manipulated by a robotic they have a duality in there mind, whether to think as natural and pure with tempered and organized judgement (although some manipulation of mind is crucial in overcoming to function as normal but too much a police state in one’s psyche) or the burden of opposition to real moral beliefs, in mind present and called the duality, that causes a wide variety of social and psychological problems including violence and hard-heartening and resistance to help, a duel, and preponderance of psychotic, self-destructive, sadistic and narcissistic qualities and behaviors develop in one’s mind if the duality (programmed) in intention and of mind and identity occurs, and in most people this is evident in a normal degree, with the examination of sadistic behaviors, socially acceptable and aberrant.

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