Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Missionary People and Forgotten Lives

There is always hope in humanity and the conversion of the wicked to good. Even the most wicked have been raised by all in a way, they are brainwashed and sinners and bow to evil and are hypomanic and mentally ill in a way, but they cannot deny what is taught to them with not words but by nature, circumstance and others. Universal charity will be a stepping stone to achieving this as all will know they are given concern and they will feel validated and loved, but the inklings of the wicked shall make them fall many times as the innocent do and sinners do. Much of their passion is in all things that oppose good and order, they are not to be discarded but taught, by words or the rod. It is inescapable that war goes on but in true things there is always the acts of God and good that lead to salvation, the worst exist for a time but even they are brought to tears by their actions, I have seen it in every accuser of me. The collective conscience and consciousness and the enormously powerful forces that are mysterious and not completely understood tame and bring an end to the worst fears and conditioning to be wicked and the desire to break the innocent and guilty alike, but guilty means guilty of sin not forever worthless or afflicted because the nature of good forgets none but evil steps over a helpless man or woman. The wrong things appeal to much, when looking at the future for context, such as a hatred of math because it is immediately integratable (found in all wicked people not just those served to the courts or the holy) and unilaterally imposed in a way, it is the obsession with self-worship and despotism that actually creates false values that are imposed and reinforced everywhere and bring about functioning that includes discarding and half living, a game of death that occurs in the ghetto, and in the larger ghetto temporarily imposed by wars in the world and confinement of the good and evil alike. To live in the ghetto is to get out but that is a terrible game and beauty occurs in their, but it is a different world and the concentration camp that it can be is slowly, with the grace of God ending. People live as apparitions but families and move elsewhere but cannot shake it as long as it exists through sin and the exploitation of their consciences and instillment of criminal beliefs as the wicked are foolish but clever. For every corner that a man passes in the ghetto there are restriction, every hallways, every mirror, every meal, would it not be better if such policing monitored the poor and downtrodden with charity and good, feeding them actually, it is a waste in a way but missionary work in another, even to kill with greed, as some do in sin is human and teaches, but I say again, with so much effort to police, why can few be fed or clothed or saved but the very consciousness and presence and power of what feeds evil or instills it, what monitors, what aids and reinforces brainwashing, it is a change in faith and thinking that will bring things about and mostly bravery that exists in full. The Devil will be fed with good as he is in some ways emaciated and learn to take the tremendous power to do what once worked for him into a positive realm as he can live with himself but to a point. Tremendous power but hat will be done with it is in the hands of the most abused and poor and vulnerable and oscillating to lift everyone out of a quagmire but they were most forgotten.

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