Saturday, August 11, 2018

Thoughts on Inequality and Wealth and Generalities

1.     The rich should be a structured military for God's reign
2.     As long as someone has a proper vow of poverty they need no social class but a heavenly predestined class of God's knowledge they have
3.     An automated system of wealth building based on subscription and investment disseminated to much of the world based on scores, vs and ms
4.     You fight the corrupt rich with conscience, sanity and intelligence. Using the methods of old made anew, but also with efficiency as psychopathy is narcissistic, base, unchanging, old and all of mind and neglective and manipulating to the soul. Malformation of the soul exists.
5.     Definition is strong in the rich, they need definitions, and this is indicative of passive-aggressiveness and OCD, something in everyone to a degree, defining words mathematically would suit them, words such as: foolish or spirituality. To become scientists and poets would suit them, and politicians as efficiency, a strong concept in the rich, is like a force, but put to one thing an unhappy life results as ungratefulness is rewarded with failure.
6.     Defining people in terms of money is primitive and in some ways a disgrace, rich, poor and middle class, and seeing money as the source of power primarily, and not message, knowledge, will and morality and character and is creating a stale and primitive culture where baseness and sterility and delusion permeate and are embedded in media and conversation and all communication for that matter. The primitivity of the affluent retards still limits the power and judgement of them because they are retards. And all form of communication excluding secretive and encrypted communication should be open, fertile and interesting feeding all men and women knowledge and life, much like this blog, not a maelstrom of deadening repetitious OCD saturated and influenced media because the pathology of the rich provides for control and sterility which they masochistically and sadistically need and enjoy.
7.     What is infuriating is that people have the right, internalized and pervasive morality excluded, to think they have the superiority over another being with a soul.
8.     What one must remember is although wealthy people have psychological problems the poor stressed and drug addicted masochist is something far worse.
9.     Why should social class be changed as a paradigm because a test measuring and scoring humanity, character, morality, love, pain, virtue and values in terms of opinion would expose deep equality.
10. One thing you can say about rich people is that k-mart pants are sort of disgusting but the sickest plots don't disgust them, different sort of stomach.
11. To trivialize the feelings of others is an unrighteous path fraught with disappointment, hurt feelings and misery.
12. Subhuman means that treatment of a being necessitated by safety of other persons and society and their consistent constitutional makeup makes it impossible to treat them with law, norms and procedure in psychological and legal terms, and the traits of ASPD can be attributed to lawful and authoritative figures in their treatment of them.
13. Money in itself means little in can be used for good or evil as is the case for how it is made.
14. Atheists are addicted to blasphemy, so you did it we can do it.
15. In terms of blame they need it to be me at fault, and also a lot of intelligent stuff was written in this document. It's you. In order to be correct you have to learn.
16. I rely on everyone, they know more than me in some ways and as this goes they are rising to their purpose.
17. People who molest me or want to molest me or others for posting on blogs deserve to die and should and should never be in my presence with technology, oh my God, Yahweh-Jehovah or is that not pedophilic enough.

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