Sunday, September 16, 2018

Preaching (September)

  1. An atheist’s life is full of contradictions.
  2. While sociopaths are limited in terms of morality and moralistic thinking they do have values some prosocial and some antisocial, sociopaths have primarily sociopathic values in terms of pathological tendencies, and psychopaths, psychopathic values, and dissocials, dissocial values, and there is interplay and a variety placing or diversity of these values among the antisocials, each antisocial has a cross-section of the various groups of antisocial values along with normal values, placed by upbringing and the collective consciousness and the normal, who scapegoat, have a variant to pure adaptation of the values, exacerbated often by hallucinogenics including marijuana, tobacco and all other intoxicants and narcotics and to a degree psychopharmaceuticals.
  3. The world’s consciences through love of God and his word have been awakened and activated.
  4. One of the biggest lies out there is about innocent people never having to die for God if they are promised resurrection, and the distortion of chaos theory and of game theory.
  5. Blessed is the time we are embarking on.
  6. Purity makes one resistant to possession and the manipulation that exists in the world, states of mind which are harmful tend to have less of a possessive effect and are less severe.
  7. It is untrue that the mind can think pure evil sustained or in values, but a combination of manipulation and mind astray can bend the mind and the mind can be bent, both the minds of the normal and the troubled, people can tolerate evil at levels that are seemingly unthinkable if the mind and soul are working in the wrong direction and under the influence of manipulation.
  8. Things change, but all of us were doing our jobs. The best things do stay the same, like one’s personality fundamentally, in the future everyone will be at their best, their kindest, their happiest, their most merciful and their most loving. And the people around you won’t change all that much just the amount you talk and who is “surrounding” you at the time. We all need to be brought together.
  9. I am back to sanity and normality because I have given up all stimulants including caffeine and nicotine. The change is profound, and while I am embarrassed somewhat by my earlier hateful writings I cannot take them down because it is somehow cosmically meant to be, in the grand scheme of things I hope I hurt no one and I do love mankind and gay people I love as well. A source of lessons and knowledge they should be. Not all are bearable or pleasant but somehow necessary to be on the internet. I sincerely apologize for hurt feelings or any chaos or tumult I may have caused, in my heart and mind and soul I want nothing but to serve humanity and love everyone and bring us together in love and peace, and to stop war, death and suffering and bring all to Heaven and eternal life.
  10. My purpose is not only to move planes and tanks but to bring redemption. What do I think of addicts? They need to know more not less. And I thank even the people that tortured me because some were brainwashed by the forces in the world and persevered to have insight despite addiction and all evil befalling them to support me.
  11. What addicts and even some within pharmaceutical companies o not realize is that you cannot take drugs indefinitely, it cannot happen it is for a time to change you for the better and the addiction, withdrawal and recovery are part of that process.
  12. If we sequester and fracturize our value wholes we cannot move forward as a people because we have begun to distort mathematics in purity to the point that we can rationalize and employ defense mechanism to anything and sharpen the propensity for this. Self-nurturance can be distorted or withdrawn and drugs do this.
  13. There is hope and stories and examples of even sociopaths and dissocials finding redemption, there is hope and miracles that abound
  14. In a way sin is absolute to enable definite judgement of death, stumble or punishment allowed or delivered by God, and all sin, defined Catholically as the standard, is considered equal.

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