Sunday, September 16, 2018

Redemption and Seeing Integral

b = Seeing truth in soul love*Taming and existing of duplicity*Redemptive spirit symmetry*Matter made of faith*Faith but acceptance of nature and mankind*Science of a loving sort seeking with the knowledge of God’s ways and intentions*Love of the truth and virtue*Sin abolished in wish and idealism
a = Trust in unshakable truth*Identity of the nature and rules of right and wrong and lawfulness*Equality love and charity and productivity*A gentleness in work and a sparing of productive laden violence*Safety and protectiveness of the innocent*A child’s eyes in prophecy*The reign of good and of having a master and a father in love and masculinity and femininity
f(x) = Integration of Redemption and Seeing
Equals: Integration of virtue, kindness, soldierism, democracy, theocracy, submittance, femininity in purity and masculinity in lawfulness and forthright divinity

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